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Physician Supervised Weight Loss Progam.

Super B Shot – Fat Accelerator. A proprietary blend that naturally increases energy and suppresses appetites.

Paleo Recipes

Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program Includes

  • Lose 3 to 4 Pounds per Week
  • Specialized Compounded B12 Lipo Energizer Shot
  • Craving / Appetite Control Optional
  • No Contracts to Sign

  • Nutritional Review with Knowledgeable Lifestyle Coaches
  • Introductory Paleo Plan Lifestyle Kit
  • Weekly Review
  • Graphing, Charting & Measuring

  • There is nothing so powerful as a truth whose time has come.–Victor Hugo

  • …strange that these people enjoy perfect and uninterrupted health… we never saw a single person who appeared to have any bodily complaint… the great number of old men that we saw… appeared to be very ancient, yet none of them were decrepit; and though not equal to the young in muscular strength, were not a whit behind them in cheerfulness and vivacity…–1772; Captina Cook, speaking of the New Zealand Marori

  • Nothing you put in your mouth will taste as good as thin feels.–Lifestyle Coach